Cannon - 500 G

Fully automatic pneumatically operated vertical pouch form fill & seal machine to pack "Granules" in any heat sealable laminated poly pouches in center seal pillow pouches, with volumetric cup filling system. Machine supported on angular structure wrapped with mild steel cabinet duly powder coated all contact parts are in stainless steel.

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Technical Specifications
1 Feeding Head Telescopic Volume adjustable cup filling system
2 Production Speed 40 Pouches/min
3 Machine ControlSystem Single Line
4 Packing range Upto 500gms
5 Film Width 330mm
6 Film Thickness 80 to 120 microns.
7 Film Material Any heat sealable laminated.
8 Sealer heating system Continues only.
9 Inner Core Dia. of Film Roll 70mm..
10 Outer Dia. of the film Roll Upto 400mm
11 Pouch Style Centre seal pillow pouches.
12 Pouch Width Upto 150 mm.
13 Pouch Length Upto 220 mm.
14 Compressed Air Pressure 6kg / cm2 at 40 Degree C.
15 Air Consumption 40m3 / Hour
16 Power Consumption 3KW / Hour.
17 Peak Power 5.5KW.
18 Power Requirement 3 Phase, 415 V, 50Hz plus Neutral.
19 Pouch Counter Auto stop when film is exhausted
20 Pouch Counter Provided.
21 Date printing Device Provided.
22 Photo Cell Provided.
23 Nitrozen Gas Flashing Provided.
24 Machine Dimensions 4000(H) x 1500(W) x 2000(Depth) mm.
25 Net Weight 1000kg,